Structure Fire

Medford Fire assisted Evesham fire with a structure fire.

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Agricultural Accident

Medford Fire & EMS along with Medford Lakes Fire responded to an agricultural accident this afternoon on Branin Road. Victim was trapped but was not injured.

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Today Medford Fire & EMS assisted Medford Lakes Fire with a motor vehicle accident on Tuckerton Road. Vehicle struck a guardrail, went airborne then hit a tree. Victim was ejected and vehicle landed trapping him under the front of the vehicle.





















Units responded to a MVA at Skeet and Hawkins Road.

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Structure Fire

Medford Fire & EMS responded to a structure fire this evening on Penny Lane. Fire was contained to the garage.   

Woods Fire

pictures from today’s woods fire that was between two houses on Sawmill Road.  


Motor Vehicle Accident 

Currently Medford Fire & EMS are operating at a 3 car mvc at Rt. 70 & Main Street.   


This morning Medford Fire & EMS responded to a dump truck vs car. 1 person was transported to the hospital by EMS.  


Mutual Aid

Medford Fire assisting Evesham Fire tonight at Red Stone Grill for a structure fire.